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Daily Prayer resources from #CatholicEdChat

Insomnia strikes and I happened to get up early on Saturday morning and jumped onto Twitter — just in time for #CatholicEdChat.  What a wonderful way to begin the weekend.  I appreciate the leadership of Nancy Caramanico, Barb Gilman and Nick Senger for getting this going. After introductions and sharing of activities of the week

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What is a PLN and why do I need one?

Martha Thornburgh and I are presenting “What is a PLN and why do I need one” at the upcoming NCCE 2010 conference in Seattle.  We are fleshing out some of our ideas for our session so I thought I would blog some of our ideas. A PLN is a Personal Learning Network.  A PLN is

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“Tweet of the day” with #gr8t

From David Truss For the month of March, a group of educators and lifelong learners will be picking a “Tweet of the day” and Re-Tweeting it with the tag: #gr8t There are a number of reasons why you might want to participate: • To share what you value about twitter. • To see what others

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Citizen Journalists

Last week I had a teachable moment when the news of the US Airways plane crashed into the Hudson river.  I had just saw a re-tweet from Andy Carvin’s post on Twitter about the plane crash about an half hour after it happened.  He had just re-posted the photo from @jkrum showing the plane floating

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Top Twitter Toys

Twitter is one of the ways I stay connected to my Personal Learning Network  (PLN).  Besides the obvious twitter clients like Twirl, these are the lastest twitter toys I have found useful: Twitter search – This search tool is essential if you want to keep tabs on current topics.  For example, if you are

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Twitpic learning on Twitter

A cry for help came out on Twitter this morning from cliotech asking how to convert PowerPoint files to *.jpg. I responded explaining JPG is one of the file extension options available when you choose “save as” – –  but Jennifer twittered back that wasn’t available.  So, I used my trusty Jing screenshot to snap

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Happy Blogaversary to me!

One year ago I began blogging at edtech VISION. Previous to that I had only blogged for my Masters of Educational Technology about my Action Research Project for Pepperdine University and occasional posts at Classroom 2.0. Anyone who knows me will understand that a one-year anniversary is a big deal for me. I’m the queen

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