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Subject Directories – You’ve come a long way, baby!

Remember what the Yahoo website looked like 10 years ago? No? Just go to “The Wayback Machine” and you can pull up an archived version of their page. A sample is here (right). Remember how Yahoo “attempted” to organize web sites into categories. First you would start in a subject area like Science … then

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Comparision of Search Engines

Search Engines   More information from Search Engine Watch     Individual   (maintain their own database of websites)   Meta   (search the database of other SE)   Subject Directory   (organized by categories)   Portals   (subject directories serving as home pages)   Library Gateway   (maintained by Librarians)   Subject – specific database

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Effectively searching on the Internet

I just began my unit on “Effectively searching on the Internet” this week with my middle and high school students and I want to share a wonderful resource I use. Bare Bones 101 was originally created in 2000 by Ellen Chamberlain, Library Director at the University of South Carolina Beaufort campus. It is now being

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