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Pepperdine OMET/MALT Alumni Conference – Day 2 & 3

I began the presentations on the 2nd day of the Pepperdine OMET/MALT Alumni Conference.  I shared how my own Cadre 9 Action Research impacted my teaching and my student’s experiences.  I also shared how I built a PLN through Google Teacher Academy, meeting edtech teachers & Teacher Librarians on Twitter, presenting at conferences, co-founding edcampPDX

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Pepperdine OMET/MALT Alumni Conference – Day 1

The first ever Pepperdine OMET/MALT alumni conference was held at the Malibu campus this last week.  Members from almost every cadre 1-14 were represented with around 40+ attendees coming for part or all of the alumni conference.  The experience was different than a “traditional” conference but very interesting.  Conference Coordinator, Debby (Kilburn) Kurti said it

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Thank you Pepperdine OMET

DAY THREE:  WRITE A THANK YOU NOTE Pick out a blogger who in some way influenced your decision to begin blogging and write them a thank you note. A major influence in my professional development as a computer teacher happened during my Masters of Educational Technology program at Pepperdine University.  This online Master’s program introduced

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