Gabcast for easy recordings

This past week I attend the EdTech PD Cadre sponsored by OETC and ODE.  One of our activities was to use a Web 2.0 tool to reflect on one of the goals of the year-long program.  We chose:

A goal of the EdTech PD Cadre is to identify and disseminate best practices targeting technology integration into teaching and learning by focusing on exemplary staff development skills

Here is our reflection post:

Do you want to easily record people’s opinions on the go – well then use the mini-computer in your pocket – your cell phone.  Gabcast allows to easily record interviews, podcasts, speeches, language practice, etc… all on your cell phone.

For our example, we set up a Channel on Gabcast.  I dialed the 1-888 number and put in the channel number that I created during set up.  I began the first episode and recorded an interview with a cadre member – asking them to discuss ideas for effective staff development.  After the interview I selected #2 to publish the episode on the Gabcast website.  Immediately I was able to record a new episode so I passed my phone around 2 times and each interview was a separate recording.

Go to this website to hear our recordings:

If you were subscribed to my channel, you would received notification of each new episode in your RSS Reader.

You can also download the audio files and use them in videos, VoiceThreads, photostory, or edit them in Audacity.

Classroom use ideas:

  • Record interviews (career, grandparent interviews)
  • Make your own field trip audio guide
  • Record speeches
  • Foreign language practice
  • Record opinions about hot topics
  • Don’t have enough microphones in your classroom?  Allow your students to use their cell phones instead!

I’m sure you can find hundreds of ways you can use this in your classroom or during your professional development workshops.  Have fun!