Saying farewell ….

An open letter to my school community (with school names removed out of consideration):

Dear friends,

I write this to you with a heavy heart as I try to find the right words to express my feelings.  I have decided not to return to our school next year.  I have accepted a Librarian / Technology teacher position at a Catholic high school across town.

I came here in 2000 and when I reflect back on those early days I am amazed at how much I have learned and grown as a teacher.  The administrative team has always given me a lot of flexibility to improve and adapt my curriculum as my own technology skills improved.  I have appreciated that very much and am proud of all that I have accomplished here.  Our technology program has changed from a skills-based program that emphasized basic Microsoft Office techniques to a comprehensive program that gives students opportunities to be creative and express themselves through Journalism, video production, and graphic design while still concentrating on meeting the National Technology Standards for students.

Before I came  I was a classroom teacher and Librarian at a Catholic K-8 school.  Ever since I received my Masters of Educational Technology in 2007 I have desired to use my technology skills to support student learning in the role of an instructional technologist.  While I love teaching the electives classes, my heart has been drawn to the classroom.  So when the opportunity came to move back into the Library I wanted to consider it. I will complete my Library Media endorsement through PSU this year.

My new position as teacher-librarian will give me the opportunity to work with their students and faculty with an integrated information literacy and technology curriculum – along with their current Librarian (who will move into a Literacy position) and their Technology coordinator.  I will also teach a web design/multimedia class.

My hope  is that the new technology teacher can step into this program and take it to the next level by offering advanced classes like programming or web design.  We have a lot of talented students here who are eager to learn and we have great technology!

Our school will always have a special place in my heart.  Dave and I can’t THANK YOU enough for all you have done for our own children as their friend and mentors.  We know both Matthew and Alan were greatly influenced by their experience here and will forever be grateful!

On a personal note, I am proud to call you my friends and will miss the camaraderie among the faculty.  Nothing will ever top the laughs at the lunch table, playing “farkle” on Jr. Encounter, or rehearsing for the faculty skit.  I treasure your friendship.

Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement over the years — with a special note of thanks to the Library and the IT department – I couldn’t have done this job without you.

I won’t be far and still plan to attend the plays or special events —  and meet up with you whenever I can.

God bless,