NCCE2011 – Teacher Librarian Summit II

Mission: To ensure that students are effective users and producers of information and ideas

Today I had the pleasure of attending the Teacher Librarian Summit II as a pre-conference workshop for #NCCE2011.  The day was filled with good conversations, inspirational messages and connecting with over 100 teacher librarians in attendance.  The morning was spent defining what students must know and be able to do.  Janet Murry and Colet Bartow discussed  standards in terms of research and information fluency.  AASL, NETS*S, Common Core and State standards have similar themes:  define the task, access and evaluate, analyze & organize, synthesize, and responsible use.

The afternoon was spent with the ever charming Mike Eisenberg and  focused on implementing comprehensive  L I T (literacy, information, technology) programs.  The four main components of a LIT program are:

  1. DEFINED: For each month, determine 2-4-8 power Grade Level Objectives.
  2. PREDICTABLE: adopt, and adapt a systematic schedule to your own school setting and calendar.
    – For each month, link to classroom/subject areas:
    » if available, use existing curriculum or curriculum mapping info.
    » if necessary, conduct Assignment Mapping.
    – For each week, develop instructional lessons based on Grade Level Objectives linked to classroom assignments.
  3. MEASURED: For each month, develop assessments (approach, evidence, criteria) based on Grade Level Objectives and linked to classroom assignments.
  4. REPORTED: Determine audience and means of reporting to that audience—document and communicate performance.

A memorable moment of the day is when Eisenberg led the teacher librarians in a song, “Let LIT Be” sung to the tune of the “Let it Be” by the Beatles.

The day ended with each teacher librarian stepping to the microphone stating one thing they are going to do on Monday because of something they learned today or was inspired by.  What a wonderful way to end the session – so positive and so full of hope for the state of libraries in Oregon and Washington.

Three essential functions of Teacher-Librarians:
  1. Information and Technology Literacy Instruction
  2. Reading Advocacy
  3. Information Management and Services
The scope and mix of these functions will depend on the program priorities and goals of each local school district and school building.
  1. Information and technology literacy instruction
  • Leads information literacy instruction including evaluation and analysis of the credibility, relevance and currency of information
  • Coaches instructional staff in support of curriculum, information technology and information management
  • Teaches students to be critical consumers and producers of information
  • Teaches students and staff to use emerging learning technologies for school and lifelong learning
  • Teaches students to be safe, ethical and responsible digital citizens
  1. Reading advocacy
  • Establishes and models a powerful, fashionable and ubiquitous culture of reading in the school community
  • Motivates and guides students to read for enjoyment and understanding
  • Develops a relevant collection of fiction and non-fiction in a variety of formats, ensuring quality reading choices for all students
  • Manages resources in support of established curriculum and student passions
  1. Information management and services
  • Provides open and equitable access to resources, technology and information services for the entire school community
  • Develops and administers inviting and effective physical and digital library environments
  • Manages resources to support teaching and learning
  • Administers information management systems to support student learning and school and district programs

NCCE 2011 is in Portland, yeah baby!

I’m so thrilled when NCCE 2011 comes to Portland because that means I get to sleep in my own bed and show my PLN buddies the beautiful city.  Early bird registration ends January 31st so get your registration in ASAP.

Here are my plans:

Wednesday 3/2/11 Attend the Teacher Librarian Summit II with Mike Eisenberg.

Thursday I will be giving a workshop in the afternoon:  Integrating Google Tools 4 Teachers.

Friday:  I will attend the concurrent sessions.