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NCCE 2015 Technology Educator of the Year

At the #NCCE2015 conference I was surprised and honored to be selected as the NCCE 2015 Technology Educator of the Year.  I have been attending or presenting at the NCCE conference for over 15 years and am thrilled to be part of this organization.  I have seen it grown over the years to know include hands-on

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Library of Congress lesson plan: Childhood Poverty

  Last week I attended a two-day Primary Source workshop from the Library of Congress sponsored by NCCE.  During the course of the workshop we looked through all the fabulous resources gathered by the Library of Congress.  There is so much information its a bit overwhelming at first – but once you dive into it

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What is a PLN and why do I need one?

Martha Thornburgh and I are presenting “What is a PLN and why do I need one” at the upcoming NCCE 2010 conference in Seattle.  We are fleshing out some of our ideas for our session so I thought I would blog some of our ideas. A PLN is a Personal Learning Network.  A PLN is

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Reflecting about my own learning

Last Saturday during a two hour drive,  my husband and I had a great discussion about learning, failure and success.  We were discussing people’s attitude towards problems in your work environment and failure in general.  Some folks are crushed by failure, beat themselves up, or try to do everything to avoid acknowledging that things didn’t

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NCCE: Google Apps for Education

Thanks to Jeff Utecht who Ustreamed my Google Apps vs. Google Tools presentation at NCCE.  I’m kicking myself for not saving the chat but appreciate all who attended and participated online. NCCE twitter group Webcam chat at Ustream

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