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8 Facets of Learning

A team of teachers and administrators at my school identified 8 FACETS of LEARNING as part of our 1:1 Mobile Learning Initiative where we feel that mobile devices could really impact student learning.  This is not an exhaustive list but represents how we need to really look beyond the iPad as a  consumer device and look for

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Library in Your Pocket

The school year has begun and I started a program in my Library called “Library in Your Pocket”.  I was inspired by Shannon McClintock Miller and created small signcards and placed them around the Library encouraging students to download these apps on their mobile devices.  I also embedded the following screencasts on our school Library

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edcamp PDX

A few Portland area educators one evening were discussing on Twitter that we should get together face-to-face and meet each other and share ideas .. and bring a friend. Next thing you know we start brainstorming ideas for an unconference workshop day. What is an unconference? An unconference is a day where teachers / admins/

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Using a variety of (non-tech) instructional strategies

I attended an informal professional development session shared by one of our teachers at school yesterday on differentiated instruction.  The session was informative and thought provoking.  We all need to be reminded of ways we can best support the learning of our students. Recap of my biggest take-aways: Fair isn’t always equal – meaning you

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Please help: Technology activities vs. Technology that supports learning

For an upcoming workshop I am collecting real examples from teachers to help compare the difference between an assignment that is “a technology ACTIVITY” vs. one where “technology SUPPORTS STUDENT LEARNING”.  Could you please help me out and fill out this short form: VIEW RESULTS HERE Loading… VIEW RESULTS HERE

Reflecting about my own learning

Last Saturday during a two hour drive,  my husband and I had a great discussion about learning, failure and success.  We were discussing people’s attitude towards problems in your work environment and failure in general.  Some folks are crushed by failure, beat themselves up, or try to do everything to avoid acknowledging that things didn’t

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All Students meme

My friend and Google Certified Teacher  Christine Southard tagged me with this All Students meme that was started by Martha Thornburgh in response to a discussion with her teachers about ” Do you believe that all students can meet standard?”.  Martha was shocked to find that a large percentage of educators answered this question “no”.

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Focus on learning & use tools effectively

Jen at @injenuity shared her concerns in a post entitled, “Web 2.0 is Not the Future of Education”. She states that early tech adopters are focusing on integrating new tools in their teaching instead of focusing on LEARNING. She writes: “Learning is the future of education. Students need to develop an awareness of how they

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Motivation is the key to learning

Here is the one minute video I made for my application to the Google Academy.   Motivation is the key to learning

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