WIRED TEENS talk about technology

My 2010 Digital Video class made this video called WIRED TEENS talk about technology this past Spring. The students brainstormed the topics, interviewed the faculty members and students and then we edited their segments together.  The students didn’t just want to discuss cyberbullying – they also wanted to include discussions about positive uses of technology, texting, Internet addiction, trash talking during online video game play and sexting.

We showed the video to the entire school and the Journalism class followed up with a survey and article in the school paper.  One surprising result was that almost 1/2 of the high school students who responded said they had received or sent a “sexting” message.

I was very impressed with how well the students handled themselves during the discussions and interviews.  We started with about 60 minutes of recorded tape and cut it down to 13 minutes – a challenge indeed.

Feel free to use it with your Digital Citizenship unit – http://vimeo.com/13069129

Valley Catholic High School Cyber Bulling Awareness from WatchOurSpirit on Vimeo.