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Tech Tip Tuesday – iGoogle Gadgets

Following Google’s philosophy of making the information you want readily available to you, iGoogle offers many different gadgets and themes to customize your iGoogle home page. Here’s a look at what we’ve done with ours. From Mary Fran: I really like a quick snapshot of the time and weather. That’s why Date & Time and

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Tech Tip Tuesday – iGoogle homepage

iGoogle (also called Google Personalized Homepage) is a customizable startpage that you can use instead of the traditional Google homepage.  You can aggregate all the Google resources you use on your online desktop like: GMail, Google Calendar, bookmarks, Google docs, news feeds, weather and so much more. I love to customize my iGoogle homepage.  Each section is

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Web page portals are getting an extreme makeover

According to Bare Bones 101, the definition of a Portal: Portals are directories that have been created or taken over by commercial interests and then reconfigured to act as gateways to the web. These portal sites not only link to popular subject categories, they also offer additional services such as email, current news, stock quotes,

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