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Analyzing fast food data with Excel

Being the parent of two young adults, I know first hand how teenagers grab fast food without much thought to nutrition or how what they are eating affects our landfills. Wanting to create more awareness of their eating habits and to use some authentic data in Excel, I created a Google Form and asked my

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Tech Tip Tuesday – Google Forms and Spreadsheets

Collecting data from multiples users has always been quite the challenge.  But now thanks to Google shared spreadsheets and forms – it’s a snap! Just like Google Docs, spreadsheets can be shared with anyone.  This makes collecting information easier than ever.  Here are some examples of how I have used Google spreadsheets: Collect names, addresses

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Embed Google forms on blog

According to the Official Google Docs blog, you can now embed your Google Form into your blog or website so I thought I would give it a try. Please fill out the following survey … Loading…

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