Making our way through the political (corn) maze

The media keeps reminding us … 94 days until Election day … we might already be lost – but why not have some fun along the way.

Dale Goodno, the Chief Information Officer at our campus designed this fabulous corn maze for the Baggenstos Family Farm (his sister) near Sherwood, Oregon. This afternoon Dale showed me how he planned out the design (complete with Google images of the candidates) and then translated it to a grid pattern to cover the 6 acre farm.

Who knew getting the message out to vote would be so much fun! They even got national attention. Check out Keith Olbermann’s oddball video description at:

“I am here for the learning revolution” contest

I know everyone is waiting until the VERY last minute to enter the NECC button contest by Scott McLeod and Wes Fryer so they can check out the competition but I can’t wait to submit my ideas – plus I won’t have time between now and May 1st to do much work.

So here’s my take on … I am here for the learning revolution. I’m still not sure if I can attend NECC or not so I am hoping that someone will feel sorry for me (since I actually took the time to enter!) and vote for ME. Plus I’m going to start a “sponsor Colette to NECC” contest soon and the lucky winner will get to hang out with ME – now that’s worth something!!!

#1 – Original button made by CCassinelli
Photo from Courosa:

#2 – Original button made by CCassinelli

#3 – Original button made by CCassinelli
Photo from Woodly Wonderworks:

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Let the fun begin!

This week I am teaching a Flash animation camp for kids 10-15 sponsored by OETC .  I have spent most of the day pondering my goals and looking over the proposed curriculum that I designed last May.  More than any technique or skill mastery, I want these students to be creative, to feel competent that they can succeed and have fun!!  This is not school – there is no grade, no evaluation or “assignments” to do.  This is summer camp and the week is all about exploring, sharing, learning from each other, laughing, having fun and making “cool” flash animations.

I am bringing out my pirate hat, disco music and my favorite flash movies.  Technology is fun. Flash is “wicked sweet” (as quoted by anonymous teenager).

Let the fun begin!