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Make a self-calculating Survey

I am currently teaching Excel to my computer students and we always do a project where the students create surveys and graph the results.  I was inspired by Jesse Spevack’s self-graded quizzes – so I thought I would use the same process with surveys and teach some formula writing along the way. You can download

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Analyzing fast food data with Excel

Being the parent of two young adults, I know first hand how teenagers grab fast food without much thought to nutrition or how what they are eating affects our landfills. Wanting to create more awareness of their eating habits and to use some authentic data in Excel, I created a Google Form and asked my

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Annual Report II contest entry

Dan Meyer has done it again – another contest – Annual Report II.  The basic idea is to DESIGN information in four ways to represent 2008 as you experienced it. If you look at my second graph (below) you’ll understand why I missed the first Annual Report contest – I was on a self-imposed “no

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