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Co-Creation & Ideation Tools

Co-creation and ideation tools facilitate the most direct interaction between team members on the goals or desired outcomes of the project. Using these tools, participants can often work in groups directly editing or building the project artifact.  Several of these tools are the same ones used for project management – which is great – because

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Honoring intellectual property

I have been spending this past week discussing how we can honor intellectual property with my students as we search the web for “copyfriendly” images to use for multimedia projects.  Helping students to understand that all of their work – whether digital or not – is copyrighted the minute they create it is a new

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AASL Best 25 Websites for Teaching and Learning

AASL’s 25 Best Sites for Teaching and Learning was posted last Fall but I never had a chance to blog about it.  It contains links to a huge variety of resources for both teachers and librarians.  Some of my favorite tools like Jing, Prezi, and the fabulous FREE webinar from Learn Central made the list

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