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iPad Online Modules – 6

5. School Scenarios and the Acceptable Use Policy At La Salle we want to be clear about our expectations with or without technology.  Below are some typical school scenarios and the related rules from the Acceptable Use Policy.  If you haven’t downloaded and read the Acceptable Use Policy, you should do that now. Scenario #1:  A student finds

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iPad Online Modules – 5

3. Using Mobile Devices during Instructional Time Using the iPad for Learning The iPad is a great device for communicating, collaborating, and interacting with a variety of educational resources. Teachers will post class materials and resources on their Schoology page that you can access with the Schoology app.  You will download and access most of

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iPad Online Modules – 3

3.  Quiz: Student Responsibilities 1 Students are required to have a protective case for their iPad.True/False – 1 point –  Student Responsibilties · 2 Students must bring their iPads to school each day ….Multiple Choice – 1 point –  Student Responsibilties · 3 Where is a good place to store your iPad during PE?Multiple Choice – 1 point –  Student Responsibilties · 4 La Salle Prep will

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iPad Online Modules – 2

Taking Care of Your Mobile Device Be Prepared Being a good digital citizen and a responsible member of the La Salle Prep community means students come to school prepared to learn. Students must take good care of their iPads and bring them to school each day: In good working condition. In a protected case that

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iPad Online Modules – 1

For our mobile learning 1:1 program rollout, we are asking our students to go through a series of online modules using Schoology to review digital citizenship and our Acceptable Use policy, guidelines for setting up their iPads, which apps to install, care and use of their iPads, etc. This series of blog posts will share

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