Open Source Tools and Content

Open Licenses You Can Use

Creative Commons –

(The CC BY-SA or CC BY are recommended licenses for education.)



MediaWiki (wikis) –

WordPress (blogs) – will host your blog as well.

Moodle (course management) –

OpenOffice (productivity) –

The Open CD (various) –

GIMP (image editing) –

Audacity (sound editing) –

CamStudio (screen recording) –


Freely Usable Audio Content*

ccMixter –

Wikimedia Commons music –

Spoken Wikipedia –

The Freesound Project –

Common Content

Internet Archive –

Freely Usable Photo and Video Content*

Wikimedia Commons –

flickr –

creativecommons/ Common Content –

Morguefile –

Stock.XCHNG –

* Make sure to read license terms for individual content sources.

Educational Content/Curriculum

Wikibooks and Wikijunior –

Free-Reading –

Curriki –

WikiEducator –

OER Commons –

Learn NC

MIT OpenCourseware –

Audio Books and Ebooks

LibriVox –

Spoken Alexandria Project –

Telltale Weekly –

Project Gutenberg – –

Lit2Go –





One Reply to “Resources”

  1. Good morning Colette,

    This summer my goal is to educate myself on how to utilize technology in the classroom to enhance learning. I want to support the students’ learning to reach a higher level of thinking, not to just add technology into the classroom.

    In the past few years, I feel I have been using the iPad to add fun for the students, but not to engage the student into a higher level of thinking; or I have used for collaboration of the students but have not seen the full benefits of those collaborations. I hope this makes sense.

    There is a multitude of apps and sites and blogs and etc. Where does one begin to make these beneficial to the learner and teacher?

    I teach at a Catholic school in Tigard. We have little, to no training with or the iPads, and the school is now purchasing Chrome books. How and where does a teacher start to utilize technology in class to enhance learning as well as raise the students critical thinking?

    Any help and/or guidance would be appreciated. I am looking at training myself this summer to be more comfortable with and blogs.


    Lynette Good

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