You Matter

I love talking to people who are passionate about what they do.  You know the type, you get them talking and they make YOU excited about THEIR topic.  Angela Maiers is one of those people.  I first met Angela through Twitter connections several years ago but when I finally met her face-to-face it was like seeing an old high school friend.  Angela is brimming with enthusiasm about literacy and the passion driven learning.  I saw Twitter posts about Angela’s TEXx Des Moines talk recently and knew I had to watch it.

You Matter.  These simple two words can make a difference in your classroom, in your school and in your community.  People everywhere want to FEEL like they matter and when you take the time to let people know they DO matter, it can make all of the difference.  Watch Angela’s talk and ask yourself, “Do the students, parents, teachers in my community know they matter to me?”  (Btw, ignore the freeze frame on the video and keep listening.)



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