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Joyce Valenza's New Tools LibGuide

I have always been a fan of Joyce Valenza’s new tool workshop wiki.  She does a great job of organizing resources in one place that I often send students to her site to find sites for “copy friendly” images and audio or spend some time browsing through her eBook pathfinder.

Today on Twitter, I saw an announcement that she is moving all of the information on her new tool workshop wiki to LibGuides The new tool LibGuide looks great – my only suggestion is to have the tabs in alphabetical order – or group by theme somehow.

I have been previewing LibGuides this past month and trying to determine what additional values I would receive if I went with this site compared to the cost of the yearly service.  Our school currently does not have an effective repository of information literacy and technology resources for students or staff – except our old Library website – which I have been asked to either remove or integrate with our new school website.

My tech director and I have discussed several times about creating a school tech resources guide either through Moodle or Google Sites.  So, my dilemma now is to rely on others who do a wonderful job of cataloging resources on the web or do I create my own pathfinder.

For now I am happy to use the resources of a lot of smart people like Joyce or Richard Byrne … but I’m kinda itching to do my own … stay tuned!

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