NCCE08 – Eric Langhorst

history.jpgSpeaking of History – Eric Langhorst
South Valley Junior High

Here are some of my notes from Eric’s presentation: Microsoft and Web 2.0 tools


  • A Whole New Mind – Daniel Pink
  • The World is Flat – Thomas Friedman

Students are different. Information is everywhere – understanding how to use it is critical. Learning can take place anyplace anytime. We have the ability to reach students with multiple learning styles; Reaching higher order thinking skills, creative

Eric has created a network with other educators around the world with his podcast. He records his podcasts with Audacity (cross platform audio recording). Here are some of the things he has podcasting:

  • Interviews with authors
  • Lessons plans from classroom
  • Break up letter lesson – Declaration of Independence
  • Museum visits
  • Interview curator
  • Student projects
  • Comments on Ed tech topics
  • Reflections on teaching
  • Review of online resources

Other Ideas:

  • StudyCasts – Record audio interview for upcoming test
  • Post MP3 file on Internet
  • Students listen at home on Internet, MP3 player or CD
  • Record test for students who have modifications for taking tests
  • Books have been read and recorded (with permission)
  • Record young student reading for fluency
  • Currently part of pilot using Microsoft’s Zune MP3 player
  • Transfer pictures and audio with wireless connections – StudyCasts, presentation notes
  • Students are conducting family history interviews – give copies for family and local museum
  • AT&T grant to create historical information about Liberty using Guide by cell technology
  • Students will narrate museum artifact information


  • Keep content for student simple – no background music
  • Allow students to use this tool for other projects
  • Use USB microphone – $20-30
  • Create a folder of medial elements in advance for your students to use
  • Good source of images from Flickr
  • Keep projects short

Allow students to become producers of the content they use not just consumers.

  • Microsoft PhotoStory3 – create video from still pictures
  • Microsoft MovieMaker2 – create video from video

More Ideas

  • Do a family videos first – interviews of how parent’s met
  • Boston Massacre LIVE! Newscast (imagine CNN was there and do a broadcast from Colonial and English perspective. Interview: Colonists, King, Paul Revere) then that leads to discussion of the historical perspective and power of media POV. Citizen media – record with cell phone.
  • Create a 30 second TV ad for historical election – 1860 Lincoln Election
  • Create a TV commercial supports either the Federalist of Anti-Federalist in the ratification of the Constitution
  • Liberty Minutes – 3-5 videos on local historical topics – show to local historical society

WEB 2.0 ideas:


  • Book Blog Project – 350 copies of book – student and parent’s blog with home school students in CA & Author participates in project
  • Donner Party Debate – record class debate. Send experts MP3 of debate and they respond with comments; Email questions to experts – teacher sends 10 questions from class
  • Online assessment – Quia and quiz star (Immediate data and feedback) Include a pretest of the next information after the chapter test

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