Web 2.0 open source courseware

Looking for some lesson plans to teach your students all about blogs, wikis and new media? Check out this (downloadable) open source course by David Wiley.

This course is designed to help you understand and effectively use a variety of “web 2.0? technologies including blogs, RSS, wikis, social bookmarking tools, photo sharing tools, mapping tools, audio and video podcasts, and screencasts. These course materials was originally published as part of USU OpenCourseWare.



  1. Blogs
  2. RSS
  3. Wikis
  4. Bookmark sharing
  5. Photo sharing
  6. Folksonomies and tagging
  7. GIS / Maps /Satellite tools
  8. Podcasts
  9. Creating audio podcasts
  10. Creating video podcasts
  11. Creating screencasts
  12. Video sharing
  13. Hacks, mash-ups, and genuinely new stuff

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