ITSC notes – Marco Torres

Listening to Marco Torres on Sunday at ITSC was motivating and inspiring. As a film maker and storyteller he brings passion and a creative vision to his work with students. Watching the films his students have made me reflect on my own curriculum and how I inspire my students in Digital Video class.

I realize that even though I give students a lot of flexibility in their films, that I still approach the class with a “set” curriculum. I have specific “types” of films I want my students to produce. What would happen if I change that and instead say “what story do you have inside of you that needs to be told”. How would this change the authenticity of the films my students make? I am hoping that the focus will move away from the entertainment to reflective and imaginative films that include more interviews, family stories, personal thoughts and musings, and creative expression.

More on the iCan film festival after the workshop…

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