Creating surveys using Google spreadsheets

Thanks for the tip from Darren Draper, I just learned forms.pngthat Google shared spreadsheets now has the ability to create forms to collect information and have the answers drop into a spreadsheet. How cool is that?

From Google: Create a form in a Google Docs spreadsheet and send it out to anyone with an email address. They won’t need to sign in, and they can respond directly from the email message or from an automatically generated web page. Creating the form is easy: start with a spreadsheet to get the form, or start by creating the form and you’ll get the spreadsheet automatically.

Responses are automatically added to your spreadsheet. You can even keep a closer eye on them by adding the Google Docs forms gadget to your iGoogle homepage, created by software engineers Valerie Blechar and Sarah Beth Eisinger (in her first month at Google!). It lists your recent active forms, with new responses highlighted. Add this gadget to your iGoogle page: Add to Google

I’m host a workshop next week at the ITSC conference in Portland and I was planning on sharing a project that my students did using Google shared spreadsheets and now I will have to discuss this too!! Wouldn’t it be great to have attendees each fill out the survey and then immediately show them the results on a shared spreadsheet???

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