edtech tardiness

It has been awhile since I have lasted posted on my blog – so please excuse my tardiness. It’s not that I haven’t been connected. I am been dutifully reading my Bloglines and occasionally participating in Classroom 2.0 but just haven’t felt inspired to write lately.

The truth is the end of the term, grades and personal activities have taken up my time (life? What’s a life?) and I haven’t felt the tug to share.50_ways.jpg

I appreciate regular bloggers like Cool Cat Teacher, U Tech Tips, and David Warlick for giving me food for thought. I have recently bookmarked many great sites on my del.icio.us account – like 50 ways to tell a story by Alan Levine.

I am presenting a workshop tomorrow for tech teachers in my area on Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 and have been preparing my wiki for that.

So … what gives?

Maybe I’m not feeling inspired – like I am doing the same thing over and over again. Every writer goes through the doldrums … mine has lasted a little bit longer than I expected.

Until next time … cheers!

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