Podcasting Possibilities

I’ve been scavenging the blogosphere for great resources for podcasting. I’ve bookmarked a few good sites on my del.icio.us page . I saw that Vicki Davis at Cool Cat Teacher Blog had bookmarked Podcasting Toolbox and I found it to be a pretty comprehensive listing of: podcast creation guides, podcast hosting, podcast advertising, audio tours, video podcasting, mobile podcasting, text to podcasts, podcasts to text, podcast directories, live podcasting, podcast hosting (premium), podcast search, podcast forums, podcast creation software (offline), podcast creation software (online), and miscellaneous podcast tools. Besides the heavy advertising on the site, this looks like a great reference page to give to newbie podcasters out there.

I recently make a simple video for my faculty to introduce them to the basics of podcasting and placed it on YouTube . Enjoy and feel free to use the video anytime!

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