Tech Tip Tuesday: Google Sites Examples

Last week you learned that Google Sites is a completely online-based tool that allows you to create a simple or extensive web site. With a few clicks, you can create multiple pages, embed rich content, and even allow others to add and collaborate on content.  Sites brings together all of the other great Google tools – letting you easily embed Google Docs, Calendar, Picasa albums, and much more!

Types of Pages

  • Web page – A basic page that allows you to write content and embed gadgets.  This is your basic blank slate.
  • Dashboard – A two column webpage with four placeholder gadgets to make it easy to get started creating an overview of information or embed gadgets.
  • File cabinet – A page where you can upload and share files.  You can create folders for different subjects.
  • List – This page can be used to create to-do lists or assignment lists.  You can easily add or remove items.
  • Announcements – This a perfect tools for adding recent announcements to your page.  While much of your content remains static, this lets place time-stamped information anywhere on your site.

Exemplar Google Sites from schools or educators:

A Study of Politics for the Digital Generation…
At this site you’ll find links and lessons to help your students participate and learn about American political elections with online tools from Google. Explore ways to infuse 21st Century Google tools into your classroom during the election season and beyond. Next set up your own participatory Google Site for your students.

Digital Photography Lessons for All snapshots, this online workshop will explore the variety of ways digital photography enhances all curricular areas by integrating the elements of art and the geography of place into projects and assignments for students.

World History An example how a teacher uses a Google Site with his history class.  Includes syllabus, unit plans, assignments, and announcements. Love the embedded slide show of French Revolution hat projects!


Gone Google A website with listings of lesson ideas that incorporate Google tools.  Lesson ideas for Art, LA, Science, SS and Multi-discipline.

Greetings from …” Postcard Geography This is an online Postcard exchange Project.  Classes are invited to participate in a collaborative Google Map project. It is open to classrooms of all ages and any location. The main goal of this project is to share famous landmarks, locations, or unique aspects of your home state or region.

Online Learning Circles:  Building Knowledge through Collaborative Projects Learning circles is a structured form of collaboration that balances the value of individual ownership with collective responsibility for accomplishing shared learning goals.  This site is devoted to helping others understand what online learning circles share in common across all of these settings.

Seabasticook Valley Middle School Using sites for student projects and have quite a bit of integration with the other Google tools like Picasa Slideshows, Calendars, Links to blog posts in Blogger, etc.

Creating an Interactive Portfolio  with Google Sites – Using examples from my Google Sites portfolio developed by Helen C. Barrett, Ph.D

Tech Tip Tuesday Archive of weekly tips for using Google tools and products.

You can see that Google Sites can be used for any grade level or any subject area.  If you are looking for a flexible and easy to use online website creator – then Google Sites will work great.  You can even use it with your students to share projects, track assignments, share document sources and project planning. The pages can be customized with themes and your own logo!

Because Google Sites is built on a wiki foundation, all versions of your document are saved. This means you can always go back to early versions of the document and compare changes between different versions.  Another great feature is that Page subscribers can be notified when the page is updated.

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  1. Thanks for this blog post Colette (and tweeting it). While I knew Google sites existed (and I use a lot of other Google products), I had never really seen examples of sites built using it. This is a great list of examples.

    I’ve been kicking around the idea (but haven’t spent much time on it yet) of using Google Apps for Education at my school for Docs and possibly email. I’ve heard Sites is part of Apps for Ed. Do you know or have you heard if it works pretty much the same as the “public”


  2. I love the World History example and wish someone could walk me through how to build a site like that as I am a special education teacher at a private behavioral school. I am in charge this year to integrate Google in the classroom as well as coordinate with several students in an alternative setting. HELP

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