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changeAfter discussing an article about how the Obama administration is using technology to make a difference and encouraging community service, I asked my students in my 8th Grade and Computer Applications classes  to reflect on their experience of using technology to “Be the Change in The World”.  Here are a few responses taken from their blogs:

I don’t really know if I have changed the world all that much…  I’m just glad for a chance to help get the word out.  Hopefully this will help in some small way to change what’s going on.   ~Bree

Having this blog has shown me the power of the web. It is becoming more and more apparent that the web will become a very important tool for people all over, from high schoolers to Barack Obama. Even young children are just as web saavy as their parents. With the mass global population online we must use it to get information out to change the world, whether it be steroids and drug awareness, global warming, or recyclling. We must be the change we want to see in the world!  ~Taylor

Using blogs to tell others about abortion has really helped me think about how big of an issue this is. When children and teens of this day and age use the modern materials, such as the internet, to tell others about what they think on big issues in our world today, it gets people thinking about what they can do.  ~Emily

Creating and writing in a blog was interesting. I learned a lot from having one. I hope that my blog changes the world, its hard to say if it did. If my blog affected atleast one person that would make me satisfied. A lot of people use technology so it is smart to use technology a source to get through to people and change the world.  ~Ashley

Using technology to improve the world is very effective because many young people use it. Spreading news through technology will help change the world because when they see the serious problems that our world faces, they will hopefully be motivated to help out to make the world a better place for themselves and for future generations.  ~Sophia

I used this blog to get the word out about other fuels besides gasoline we can use. This experience was good, but because the blog was so infrequently visited it is hard to feel the word reached very many people.  ~Eddie

Using a blog is could be a smart way to change the world and spread your ideas. By using a blog, you can access the information about whatever the issue is at any time.  ~Marcus

Having a blog has been exciting and a relief to me. Exciting in the sense that I met new people who commented on my blog and I learned how to manage a blog. A relief, because I feel like I’ve helped at least one person out there dealing with cancer or family members with cancer, just as I am. I think that using technology is very useful in many ways: it can spread information very quickly, connect many different people, as well as be personally useful to the user. To be honest, I wish I could have had more time to work on this blog; it was probably one of favorite projects from this whole semester.  ~Vivian

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  1. its really interesting that you would post something like this. it seems like your students had a very eye opening experience with blogging. i think it would be very beneficial for other teachers to read this so they can see how much your students have learned from a simple assignment. of course it does seem like some students got more out of it than others, but that is normal in any situation. technology has become so important in this day in age and i think that your students see that. when they talk about this being the way to get the word out and discuss important aspects i agree and this is a good way to do it. you can get everyones perspective and not just the people you know and communicate with everyday.

  2. i would also like to add that if other teachers could read this and see how much your students took out of this then some other teachers might be able to do the same thing. if they have access to computers and the internet for the entire class.

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