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us_airwaysLast week I had a teachable moment when the news of the US Airways plane crashed into the Hudson river.  I had just saw a re-tweet from Andy Carvin’s post on Twitter about the plane crash about an half hour after it happened.  He had just re-posted the photo from @jkrum showing the plane floating in the Hudson river with all the people standing on the wings.

My high school journalism class just walked into the room and I gathered the students around and showed them this example of citizens breaking the news before the mainstream media could even report it.  Students were amazed by the photos and I briefly showed them how I found the information on Twitter.  A few kids reported that they had used their cell phones to take photos of events outside of school but most had not considered themselves to be “citizen journalists” (yet!).

In this day of participatory media – everyone can report the news.  In Will Richardson’s demo of Prezi, he demonstrates the unfolding of this event that started with Twitter, Flickr and NPR news.  I am planning on showing this to my journalism class to show them the power of the network today.

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  1. Integrating the resources of the web into the classroom is essential to teach our students how to solve problems and communicate in today’s world. Thanks for caring enough to stretch the norms, because I’m sure twitter is not on your state’s standardized test!

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