2009/365 Photos

I’m really enjoying participating in the 2009/365 photo-a-day project.  It has already completely changed my vision around me.  Just this morning I was driving to school and I noticed the dark image of the trees against the early morning sky.  Hopefully it will stop raining so I can grab a few shots this week.

Over at Opening Doors to Digital Learning, Martha Thornburgh has a cool slideshow of her 365 photos.  So, I grabbed the embed code for my Flickr set and decided to post my 1st week’s accomplishments.

My goal right now is to just play with the photos and try to take a variety of shots.  I am also trying to use a couple of different cameras – depending on the situation.  Here is week one – and I plan to embed this slideshow once a month.

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  1. I, too, love this project. Driving between schools today I all of a sudden noticed that the car in front of me had he license plate BOBS … Although that won’t be my shot for today, I agree that my sense of observation is improving as I look for shots to take.

    And, with the group involvement, I know that motivation to stick with it will be high.

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