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Matt Montagne tagged me for the “Seven things you don’t know about me” meme.

1.  I’m 1/2 French.  My father was born in France and is the only one of his 10 brothers and sisters who lives in the US.  My full name is Colette Marie LeChevallier – sounds like a French movie star, huh?  No.  I don’t speak French – I just know a little.  I never got to spend an extended time there so I never really picked it up – plus we didn’t really speak it at home because my Mom wasn’t French.  I desperately want to go sometime soon.  I have about 50 first cousins (and their kid’s houses) to visit!!!

2.  I originally wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher.  In the past 20+ years I have taught every age (K-16) as a 6th & 3rd grade teacher, Reading Resource teacher, Librarian,  adjunct professor and now a MS/HS Computer teacher.  All of my teaching experience has been in parochial schools even though I never attended one growing up.

3.  My sons (19 & 22) tease me endlessly about being a computer geek.  When I was in class online during my Masters program at Pepperdine they would walk by my computer and say in a funny voice, “there’s Mom .. chatting online with her geeky friends”.  Funny thing is … they both now are on Facebook all the time, have Tumblr blogs and one even is checking out Twitter.

reeses4.  I love peanut butter and chocolate. My favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and I always have to check out the peanut butter pie if a restaurant serves it.  Weird fact … high quality dark chocolate makes me sneeze … probably slightly allergic .. but it doesn’t stop me.

5.  I love musicals.  When I was little my sisters and I used to act out every scene from The Sound of Music.  I really wanted to be Maria.  Side note:  When my older sister tried out for a community production of The Sound of Music, she was cast as the snooty nun who didn’t like Maria.  We laughed so hard – perfect type cast.

6.  I have two speeds:  couch potato and maniac.  I love to lay around on a lazy Saturday and read the paper, watch TV or just veg on the computer but watch out when I am in project mode.  I can paint a room, work on a school or craft project for 20 hours straight.

7.   I hate to admit it but I am addicted to diet soda.  I really need to break this bad habit – it started in HS when I worked at a movie theater and could have soda and popcorn for free.  Think of the money I would save!!

So that’s it .. my deepest secrets.  Pretty boring, huh?  Let’s see who can top me.  I tag:

2 Replies to “7 things Meme”

  1. Shoot, I’m behind the 8-ball, but here’s my 20:

    1. I think breakfast for lunch or dinner is the biggest rip-off. Breakfast food need to be served before 11 am and it doesn’t count as a meal thereafter.
    2. I have a profound nostalgia for computers, books, and movies from my youth. I still find Speak and Spell, Intellivision, Apple IIs, _The Secrets of Alkazar_, and “Electric Dreams” to be high points in my cultural frame of reference.
    3. Cats have an unnatural fascination in me, considering I have never owned nor do I plan to own a cat. Cats always are attracted to me, and I perfectly understand the psychology and physical language of cats and act accordingly.
    4. I slammed my right hand pointer finger in the door of my Saab my sophomore year and the fingernail on that finger is permanently malformed.
    5. I lost thirty-five pounds when, on a whim, I went to the doctor and found out I was borderline diabetic and on the route to burning out my pancreas.
    6. I know pretty much everything there is to know about Macintosh System Software 6 and below. I still have my original Mac and was hired as a “technical expert” in 2008 because of this arcane knowledge.
    7. I love bird watching. I used to live at the level of birds, and I miss easy access to their plane.
    8. I love to drive, but I am enjoying not owning a car.
    9. I have driven cross country eight times, including at least three times with Chris Oliver and once with my mother.
    10. I was robbed at gunpoint.
    11. The place I feel most perfect is Lopez Island, in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, off the coast of Washington State.
    12. The more I get to know my siblings the more I love them.
    13. I am very interested in genealogy in my side and my wife’s side of the family.
    14. I do not lie.
    15. I spend too much time on the Internet.
    16. I have a very eclectic music collection.
    17. I am surprised I found my niche in elementary education.
    18. I can watch the same movies and read the same books over and over again.
    19. I love talking to old people.
    20. I have vivid dreams that I often remember.
    21. I love to cook and I charmed the woman who became my wife by cooking with her.
    22. I constantly question why I moved to Connecticut. Then I look at my beautiful home.
    23. I love to vacuum but I don’t do it enough.
    24. There is nothing more invigorating than flying a kite, but it makes me nervous to see the other end of me at the end of a string.
    25. I don’t forward Internet memes*

    * cf 14

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