Reflecting back .. looking forward

Looking back on 2008. 1st photo of 2009/365 Flickr project.

The beginning of a new year is always a great time to reflect on growth and accomplishments of the past year.

For me professionally, 2008 brought about the greatest change.  Having the opportunity to present concurrent sessions at ITSC, NCCE and ILC 2008 gave me the opportunity to expand and connect f2f with my personal learning network.  I love sharing what I am doing with my students and get a lot of energy from meeting educators everywhere.

The highlight of the year was attending the Google Teacher Academy in June.  The way the “out-of-towners” connected ahead of time and the camaraderie we developed truly made that experience worthwhile.  The GCT discussion board is one of the more vibrant and best sharing resources out there.  Make sure you apply if there is a GTA in your area.

One of the Google projects that I started with MaryFran Lynch is Tech Tip Tuesday.  Each week MaryFran and I email a simple tech tip about a Google product and share it with our faculty.  We archive all of our tips at  Not only have I learned even more (Google joke) about all things Google, posting the tips each week on this blog has also helped my own blogging this year – about 88 posts this year (not counting Delicious links).

2008 also brought about changes to our family.  My youngest son headed off to Gonzaga this year which left my husband and I as empty nesters – which probably also has a lot of do with the increase in my blogging at the end of this year~  🙂

I look forward to 2009.  I am presenting at NCCE in February, NCEA in April and for the first time – NECC in June.  I am participating in the 2009/365 photo-a-day flickr challenge – which should be a lot of fun.  My husband gets some sabbatical time off this next summer and we are beginning to plan an extended trip around the US.

Thanks to all the readers of this blog.  I learn so much from you each day by reading your blogs and your sharing on Twitter.  Take care!

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  1. It has been nice to have made an electronic connection with you over Twitter in the last week or two. I look forward to adding your blog to my Google Reader collection. I’ve added the Google tips URL to my delicious bookmarks adding the tag that I will be using when I introduce teachers to delicious at a conference next month. Cheers… Bob

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