4 Replies to “Happy Holidays from my Graphic Design class”

  1. @Mark Thanks – yeah they really get into it! The students are in grades 10-12. We are making virtual aquariums now.

  2. Our district started using PowerSchool this year (I’m Griffbuddy on Twitter). It goes “down” most evenings and weekends. The person who was supposed to do our training was fired or some such nonsense – I’m not in the innertech circle! Parents were supposed to have access 2nd semester, however, they will not receive it in my building – middle school – until Fall 2009. The high school and elementary are able to use the parent portal. Our situation is complicated by 9 week, 6 week, and 12 week elective classes which would appear too confusing to parents. Also, we have been unable to print midterm progress reports. Enough said?

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