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Dan Meyer at dy/Dan has started a first day wiki for teachers to post what they do on their first day of class. Do you hand out a syllabus? Do you go over rules or just start right in teaching?

Here is what I added to the wiki for my beginning computer applications classes (Middle school and 9th grade):

I am the one who … I start with a part tech and part ice-breaker activity. Students open up Word processor and type “I AM THE ONE WHO …” at the top of page. I ask them to list things about themselves that we may or may not know. At the bottom of the page they write “I am … NAME”. I ask them to format the page with various fonts, color, alignment, bullets, border, images and we usually include a photo (2nd day). They need to space out the text and photos so it fills a full page.

This assignment gives me a good idea of their tech ability from the first day of class. We hang them up in the classroom and it helps students to get to know each other and connect names with faces. They usually are very creative and interesting to read.

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