Twitpic learning on Twitter

A cry for help came out on Twitter this morning from cliotech asking how to convert PowerPoint files to *.jpg. I responded explaining JPG is one of the file extension options available when you choose “save as” – –  but Jennifer twittered back that wasn’t available.  So, I used my trusty Jing screenshot to snap an image of my PowerPoint version and sent a copy of the image to her using Twitpic.  Finally – Jennifer checked with her IT department and found out that PowerPoint wasn’t properly installed on her computer – voila – problem solved.

Sometimes a picture tells it better than a written explanation.  But more importantly, I realized how easy it is to have your own virtual tech support team with your twitter network.

I know about the PowerPoint conversion because I use it all the time with my students.  I use this feature  when I want students to make a simple image but don’t want spend time teaching them how to do it in Photoshop. For example, my MS students set the PowerPoint screen size to 5×7 and made postcards for our Postcard Geography project with simple Word Art and images.  When you use “save as jpg” in PowerPoint, you have the option to save the current slide or each slide as a separate image.  I also use “save as jpg” when uploading PowerPoint slides to VoiceThread so the background designs stay intact.

Anyway, I love my PLN with Twitter and was glad I could help today … because I know tommorrow – I’m going to be the one asking, “Does anyone know how to …..”.

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  1. Collette,
    I can’t say enough about how much I LOVE my PLN. I’ve needed help so many times and responses are just minutes away through Plurk, Twitter, FB and even Skype. I’ve also made some real face to face connections and friendships through these social networks. It’s because of people like you and Jennifer Dorman (@cliotech), who are so willing to give, that people like me benefit so much!


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