ONE Project: FOUR Formats

In my attempt to embrace more of a constructivist method of learning in my classroom, I allowed students to construct their own career-centered research projects.  After reading about John Holland’s 6 personality traits and how matching your personality to your job results in more job satisfaction, students set out to learn more about one career or careers for their top personality.  I did not direct their learning – but told them they would have to share their learning somehow.   I encouraged students to find the right set of tools to demonstrate their understanding or ones that better suit their personality.

I was pleasantly surprised by not only the variety of tools used, but the level of depth and sharing and explanations that took place during their small group shares. The only requirement I made was that the student use a first-person resource and include quotes or audio from an interview in their project or presentation (so they would see this as real and not just an assignment).

After working on the project for a week, students brainstormed ideas for how we were going to evaluate the projects if everyone’s project were going to be different.  They settled on 3 main categories:

  1. Appropriate use of interview
  2. Quality of content
  3. Use of technology

The “content” area was broken down by the students even more.  When asked, “How do we evaluate the content?”, students responded by using a 1-10 scale for different research areas, such as:  Description of job, Training/ Qualifications, Earnings, Job Outlook and Related Occupations.

I was encouraged that the students recognized that in order to fully explain one career they needed to cover a wide range of topics.  The class constructed a Google form for evaluations.  Brainstorming these ideas and discussing expectations in the middle of the research project helped some student focus their research and provided good questions for the interviews.

Below are some examples of what they created to go along with their oral presentations.

Movie:  Laser Technician


View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: career teaching)


A student-created website about Artistic careers

Glogster Poster

4 Replies to “ONE Project: FOUR Formats”

  1. Hi Collette,

    Thanks for sharing both the project outline and the results. I am going to pass this along to my teachers. A couple of quick questions: what were the student reactions to the project layout? Did you do something like this in the past, but just convert it to this constructivist approach?

    We are trying to help our teachers see how they can transform what they already do into something new that connects several skills together in new ways. This type of project looks like it would do that, as several of our subject area teachers do something relating to career choice.

  2. Connie-this is amazing! Bravo to you and your students! Can not wait to share this work with schools and teachers-this is a perfect example of 21st Century Differentiation! Thanks for sharing-Great post!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. This will be a great example to share with my district colleagues to show how technology integration and differentiation can work together.

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