Thank you Pepperdine OMET


Pick out a blogger who in some way influenced your decision to begin blogging and write them a thank you note.

A major influence in my professional development as a computer teacher happened during my Masters of Educational Technology program at Pepperdine University.  This online Master’s program introduced me to blogging as a reflective practice.  My cadre leader, Bill Moseley set up a group blog for us to review and reflect on our learning throughout the program.  It was awkward at first – “I have to write?” – but I found drawn to reading my classmates postings and realized how similar my journey was to theirs.  Especially for an online program it was critical to have this insight into each others learning process.  We also shared lesson ideas, links, and reviewed software programs.  Not all cadre members loved the blogging but I learned so much from reading and writing the blog and felt even more connected to my classmates.  It was a great experience.

During the program, I set up a blog on Blogger to document the results of my Action Research Project.    My focus was engaging students with authentic technology projects.  As I worked and reworked lessons for my ARP, I documented student progress, my reactions, and student’s own reflections.

I started this blog at as soon as graduated from the OMET program.  It has been a wonderful journey.  There have been times when I first started that I felt like I was talking to no one except myself – but slowly my personal learning network has grown.

So here’s my thank you.  Thanks to Bill Moseley, Gary Stager, Paul Sparks, Cynthia Solomon, Melissa Anderson, Jeff Lee, and ESPECIALLY all my Cadre 9 Bucca9ers for teaching me about learning – and learning how to learn.  I will be forever thankful.

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