30 Days to being a Better Blogger

During the month of November, Steve Dembo at http://www.teach42.com/ has invited everyone to participate in the 30 Days to being a Better Blogger challenge.  My blogging has been sporadic lately – so I’m in.  Steve has asked participants to tag their posts with “30D2BBB”.


The About page is absolutely critical to a blog. It provides visitors insight into who the author is, what they can expect to see on the blog, and what sort of lenses the information is being viewed through.

There are two key questions your about page should answer.

  • Who is the author of this blog?
  • What is this blog all about?

So I took a peek at my About Me page and decided to make a few changes.  First of all, I’ve barely updated the page since I first started blogging.  I used terminology like “last year” and “upcoming” which are too vague even though I do include an updated date.

The brief introduction is fine and I share where and what I teach and some of my interests. The one thing that is lacking is a better description of my blog’s purpose and audience.  Right now that information is buried in an early post but I dug it out and refreshed it for my page.  I also included a link to my VoiceThread 4 Education wiki.


Take a good close look at your blog’s statistics. We want to know who’s visiting, where they’re coming from, how long they’re staying, and much much more. By watching your statistics carefully, you can learn all sorts of interesting information about your blog and your audience.

I use W3 Counter to track my blog traffic and the daily traffic is embedded right into my WordPress dashboard.  Since I don’t have quite as much traffic as Steve, I am always interested in when all of sudden the traffic to my site jumps up.  Usually its because I have blogged about a current news topic and the search engines pick up my post.  One of my top results still come from “motivational posters” when I discussed how I use Big Huge Labs to have my students make posters and embed them into their blogs.  I guess lots of people are searching for motivational posters on the Internet.

Twitter is a great way to drive traffic to your blog -but don’t overdo it.  Only link your blog when you want to share a special project when you are looking for collaborators or sharing an important story.   I also receive some traffic from Stumble Upon, RSS feeds at Google Reader, the Classroom 2.0 Ning and the wiki I made at VoiceThead 4 Education.

It’s good to review the stats and I’m going to take some time to review which posts are most popular and see if I can find a trend.

I’m not blogging for popularity – I do it for my own reflection – but it is interesting to see what I am saying has the most impact.


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