Learning Flash @ SuperQuest ’08

This past week I have been at Western Oregon University taking a Flash class sponsored by the TechStart Foundation and the Software Association of Oregon.

My instructor, Chuck Laiti, is a graphic arts teacher at Tigard High School. Chuck has showed us some interesting ways to to introduce Flash to students with some easy and challenging activities. We started with the traditional “make the ball bounce” but with a twist – include ActionScript to start and stop the ball. Also include a shadow as the ball nears the ground. Its a great addition to that activity.

Next we assembled body parts of a cave man to make a walking character. The lesson and pieces can be found here.

Then Chuck shared how he incorporates some lessons of early film techniques as we learn about Rotoscope – which is basically traced animation. I traced the various steps of a walking sequence and then created an animated graphic that keeps walking over and over again.

Next we learned how to make a basic flash webpage with rollover buttons that display icons for flash movies. This was quite challenging for me since I really don’t know ActionScript.

I looked online for photo sequences of skateboarders and found a 16 frame shot of a jump and created this simple movie: skateboard_final. Next I will try a longer sequence and see if I can find a video sequence to use as a basis – somethings that loops continuously.

I’m glad I came to this class. It definitely opened my eyes to other ideas and activities that I can use in my graphic design class. Now to purchase ActionScript 3.0 for Dummies and begin reading.

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