Voicethread & Google Maps Postcard Exchange

I love Classroom 2.0 and the excitement that the teachers there bring to my network. I always read the posts about VoiceThread since I will be presenting a workshop on VoiceThread at the Innovative Learning Conference this Fall. I came across this Postcard exchange idea from Jennifer Albers.

In the past I have been a part of several postcard exchanges and my students loved receiving the cards and information about each state. This year I wanted to try something new. I created a type of state information exchange using VoiceThread. VoiceThread is a free program at www.voicethread.com. It is a way to have conversations around media…the link is: http://voicethread.com/#q+50+States+.b155765.i832841I am sending this email out during summer in hopes that you will get familiar with VoiceThread and want to use it during the school year… If you have any questions or comments my email is jalbers@lindberghschools.ws. Enjoy!

I think this is great way to introduce your class to VoiceThread. I am planning on having my students look up some facts about Oregon and comment on the VoiceThread.

Here is another extension that I am thinking of incorporating:

Great a customized Google Map and have classes create postcards about their states and embed the images and additional text into the Map and then share that map with other classrooms for them to do the same.

I made a sample … want to give it a try? Got to this map and add a landmark. Let’s use this map as a sandbox to practice adding locations, images and text:

View Larger Map

Last year I participated in Postcard Geography (http://pcg.cyberbee.com/) but either one of these ideas could work along with that program.

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