Inspiring Curiosity: A Librarian’s Guide to Inquiry-Based Learning

What is the school librarian’s role throughout the inquiry-based learning experience? How can we impact the learning experience for our students and make a difference?

The book Inspiring Curiosity: A Librarian’s Guide to Inquiry-Based Learning hopes to provide inspiring stories and practical examples of how school librarians can go beyond teaching students how to access and evaluate sources to become an essential contributor of the instructional team.

Not every inquiry-based lesson will develop into an in-depth research project or essay. Many will result in engaging Socratic Seminars where students debate and explore ideas with their classmates. Other inquiry-based lessons might lead to investigate scientific phenomena or the creation of “wonder walls” to document new questions of inquiry. I am interested in finding those key entry points where librarians can insert themselves into inquiry-based lessons and offer expertise and insights unique to our position.

Librarians can do more than just guide learners towards digital and print sources. We work directly with every student and every teacher in our school. We see the bigger picture and can view the landscape of our school through the lens of inquiry. We can influence the tone and direction of how students see themselves as researchers. Every librarian can focus on personalized learning and ensure we are preparing teens for their future.

How do you inspire curiosity?

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