TLchat: new faces and new voices

Last December, fellow Librarian Tiffany Whitehead put out an all call for some Teacher Librarians to step up and help bring some new blood to the TL Virtual Cafe — which had been on hiatus.  I said I would help out and two months ago we launched the updated TL Virtual Cafe & #TLchat Twitter Chat.

In February, I called upon a few Library Instructional Technology Teachers from Beaverton School District to help talk about Passion in Your Future Ready Library (webinar archive available).  We had a few technology glitches in Blackboard during the webinar but the Twitter chat was going strong!  Thanks for helping:  Benjamin Lloyd, Highland Park Middle School, @SenorLloyd – Virtual Reality Projects; Rosa Rothenberg – Whitford Middle School @rosarothenb; and Jason Hohnbaum – McKary Elementary School @mrhohnbaum.

In March, Stony Evans had some of his students present for the webinar and it was FANTASTIC!!!  Wow — we need more student voices in our teacher professional development. Check out the webinar here!

The April webinar will be Monday, April 3rd and the topic is eBooks. Here is the Blackboard Participant link and the webinar will be archived here.

Join us if you can!

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