Celebrate Poetry on Monday 4/30/12

April is National Poetry Month and our school is having several events to celebrate.  Students are encouraged to submit their original poems to the “Poet Tree” in the Library all month.  We plan on sharing poems for “Poem in your pocket” day on Thursday, the 26th.  I am thinking of coordinating a semi-field trip to Verselandia – a poetry slam sponsored by Portland Public Schools on the 25th.

On Monday, April 30th we will host our all-day poetry celebration in the Library.  The morning session will be for community members as the creative writing and guitar students share their original poems and poems put to music.  Throughout the day various classes will visit the Library for an open mic poetry reading.  Anyone is welcome to attend and share either an original poem or read a previously published poem.  Selected classes from other schools will Skype into our reading and share their poems with us.  If your class would like to Skype with us – contact me at colette (dot) cassinelli (at) gmail (dot) com.