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There and back again

“There and back again” seems like an appropriate title of my journey to becoming a certified teacher librarian.  Even though I am a “fresh voice” in the land of Oregon school libraries, I am not a stranger.   My adventure began over 17 years ago when I was a third grade teacher at St. Clare Elementary

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Online photo editing

I really enjoyed playing around with Picnik to create this image.  For an online photo editor, you can do some pretty cool stuff – and the best part – you don’t need to create an account to try it out or save it — unless you want a Picnik account and have it save it

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Honoring intellectual property

I have been spending this past week discussing how we can honor intellectual property with my students as we search the web for “copyfriendly” images to use for multimedia projects.  Helping students to understand that all of their work – whether digital or not – is copyrighted the minute they create it is a new

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Role of Teacher Librarian and literacy

Literacies as defined by Loertscher (2008), are the skills necessary to function successfully in school and the world at large as a “literate” citizen.  Literacy skills are lifelong learning skills that include reading, writing, listening, communicating, media literacy, visual literacy, information literacy, ICT literacy, and emerging literacies (124). The primary role of the teacher librarian

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AASL Best 25 Websites for Teaching and Learning

AASL’s 25 Best Sites for Teaching and Learning was posted last Fall but I never had a chance to blog about it.  It contains links to a huge variety of resources for both teachers and librarians.  Some of my favorite tools like Jing, Prezi, and the fabulous FREE webinar from Learn Central made the list

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