First Look: The NEW Google Sites

When I first looked at the NEW Google Sites last Fall I wasn’t overly impressed.  I was used to CLASSIC Google Sites (comparison chart) and loved the ability to create templates for class projects.  I had created my Library website at my previous school using Classic Sites and it didn’t seem like I had a lot of the same options so I ignored it for awhile.

But then I started seeing some pretty cool Sites made with the NEW Google Sites and some blog posts by Eric Curts — so I decided to give it another look. Once I really started playing around with the features I liked it more and more.  First of all, the drag and drop ability to grab items from Drive and move them where you want is the best feature of the NEW Sites.

I love how easy it is to create a photo collage or embed a Google Slide deck into Sites.  The Themes remind me of the simplicity of Adobe Spark Pages and you are limited to what you can embed (Drive items, images, YouTube, etc) but it’s SO EASY – and just wait — you know Google will add more features soon.

I think educators should consider Google Sites for Student Portfolios.  How great would it be for students to choose which items they have in their Drive to feature on their Portfolio?

Here is Google Site I made to teach others how to use the NEW Google Sites for the #NCCE17 Google Summit Conference.

Here is a NEW Google Site I made for our school-wide literacy program called #SunsetReads.

Check it out and enjoy!!!