Digital Workflow Options

With all the equipment coming to our school in the coming month, teachers need to decide how they are going to push out digital information to their students.  Below are some options whether you want a complete digital solution for daily use — or use some ideas for occasional use.

Complete digital solutions:  Google Classroom, class website, Canvas LMS, Seesaw

Google Classroom (simple):

If you want the ability to post daily announcements and/or share assignments to your students, then set up a simple Google Classroom.  In Google Classroom, use the announcement feature to post the activity of the day or a reminder of the homework.  The announcements will appear in chronological order but not show up on the calendar because there are no due dates attached.  You also have the option to post an individual question to the class where students can respond to each other after their initial post.

Google Classroom (All Features):

If you want a online blended classroom with the ability to push out individual copies of Google documents, to students and have them turn them in digitally, then set up Google Classroom.  In addition to the announcement feature you create assignments in Classroom where you push out the assignment and it requires students to turn in the assignment digitally using Google Docs (See:  Understanding the Assignment Flow).

If you already have a classroom website (made with Google Sites, Weebly, Wix, etc) where you post assignments, and you want students to have copies of Google documents to work on but you don’t necessarily want them to turn in assignments digitally.  Open the document and select SHARE.  Create a “Shareable Link” but replace the end of the URL to /copy to force students to make a copy of the document for themselves.  Note:  It renames the document “Copy of TitleOfDocument” but the student can rename it if they choose.

Note:  Students could always “turn in” these type of documents with you by sharing the doc to your email address.  

If you want a complete digital solution for your class with digital handouts, multimedia options, online rubrics, annotations, etc then participate in the Canvas LMS pilot and talk to Colette or Terry if you want to participate in the Canvas pilot.  Please note:  the district LMS has NOT been chosen yet.

If you want students to have a digital portfolio where they upload copies of assignments, set up SeeSaw.  Seesaw empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school by creating a Seesaw Journal. Students can “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. Learn more …


Simple digital solutions:  shared folders, save to Drive, URLs, email, playlists

If you want a simple solution for sharing “view only” copies of documents or pdfs that are stored online then create a shared Google Folder.  Directions:  Access your Google Drive.  Go to New / Folder and name your folder.  Move the digital files that you want students to have access into the folder.  Right click on the folder and choose SHARE.  Choose “Get Shareable Link” and this will give you a long URL that students to can to access your share folder.  Hint:  Use a URL shortener* to make it easier for students.

If you want to “print” copies of database articles or websites and save them to Google Drive, then access your chosen database article or website but make sure you are logged into your GAFE account and use the Chrome browser — one of the printer options will now to “Save to Drive”.  This will create a pdf of the article that you can post in Classroom or put in a Shared Folder.

If you already have paper copies of a handout and want to convert it into a digital format then visit our school copiers and choose the SCAN feature.  “Copy” your documents with the scan feature and it will email a PDF of your handout to you when you provide your email address.

If you want a simple way to share long URLs with you students then Go to the Chrome web store and install the URL shortener Chrome Extension to your browser.  Visit any website then select the icon on your toolbar and it will provide you with a short URL (and QR code!).  Another option is to use or for custom URLs.

If you want the ability to send email to students in a class period  go to and create a Group with all of your student’s email for each class period.  Send email from your GAFE email account for this to work.  Other options: Create Outlook group or use Synergy.


  • Digital workflow:  The process of providing (and possibly receiving) digital content to students who are using Chromebooks or iPads.
  • GAFE – Google Apps for Education (docs, drive, etc)  Teachers use
  • Chrome Web App –  Applications you can run inside your browser with a dedicated user interface
  • Chrome Extension – Extend the functionality of Google Chrome and the websites being viewed in it.  More about Apps & Extensions…
  • URL shortener – A website that will take a really long web address (URL) and create a short URL that will redirect users to the correct link.  Two popular ones are:  and