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Gabcast for easy recordings

This past week I attend the EdTech PD Cadre sponsored by OETC and ODE.  One of our activities was to use a Web 2.0 tool to reflect on one of the goals of the year-long program.  We chose: A goal of the EdTech PD Cadre is to identify and disseminate best practices targeting technology integration into

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Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy

Taxonomies of the Cognitive Domain:   Bloom’s Taxonomy 1956 Anderson and Krathwohl’s Taxonomy 2000 1. Knowledge: Remembering or retrieving previously learned material. Examples of verbs that relate to this function are: know identify relate list define recall memorize repeat record name recognize acquire 1. Remembering: Retrieving, recalling, or recognizing knowledge from memory. Remembering is when

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OETC professional development cadre

Today I participated in the OETC professional development cadre. We spent the afternoon discovering some Web 2.0 technologies. Yes, most of these tools are online, free and can be embedded in websites – but only a handful would actually be useful in the classroom. The others are just for fun – or another scheme to

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Let the fun begin!

This week I am teaching a Flash animation camp for kids 10-15 sponsored by OETC .  I have spent most of the day pondering my goals and looking over the proposed curriculum that I designed last May.  More than any technique or skill mastery, I want these students to be creative, to feel competent that

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