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ISTE 2015

 Unleash the Power of Your iPad with “App Smashing” Come play and learn the power of App Smashing, the process of using multiple apps in conjunction with one another to complete a new and creative final task or project. We’ll put together fun combinations of apps to use with middle and high school formative assessments,

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Wanted: Ideas for ISTE11 poster session

Hello Librarians and Tech-loving teachers. I would love to include your ideas and examples during my poster session at ISTE 2011. Please fill out this form with your ideas for how you use technology to promote reading and YA literature. I will combine all of our ideas and put them into a brochure that I

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New NETS for Teachers 2008

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The new standards for teachers were unveiled at the 2008 National Education Computing Conference (NECC). I think these standards represent the shift from skills-based learning towards an integrated constructivist approach. My plan this school year is to create a Google form and survey the teachers at my school to discover which of these standards they

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